Faulty Inverter Repairs Burbank

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Need help with Faulty Inverter Repairs in Burbank? We can get your solar back up and running fast!

Ask about our Solar inverter maintenance to maximise your solar energy output and prevent problems

If you have noticed your electricity bills rising and are concerned your solar system is not working properly, it may require some maintenance. There may be a problem with your inverter or some other issue. 

Faulty inverter repairs Burbank

Like all mechanical components, inverters can have a limited lifespan and if yours is failing there are two options:

  1. Repair the inverter (often the most cost-effective option!)
  2. Replace the inverter

Fully comprehensive solar inverter repairs in Burbank

When performing maintenance on your inverter, Goodhew Solar completes a full inspection of your solar system, including electrical testing, to ensure any issues are identified so can be fixed.

Inverter and solar panel maintenance includes:

  • Checking operation and power output of your inverter readings
  • Checking your DC isolators
  • Solar panel inspection
  • Checking your wiring
  • Inspection of your AC and DC supply
  • Checking your earth connection

Why would my solar inverter need repairing?

There are several reasons your inverter may need repair, including:

  • Water may have made its way into a solar panel
  • The inverter is faulty
  • The DC wiring is damaged
  • The DC isolator is burnt of melted

Solar inverter repair specialists servicing Brisbane to Northern NSW

Goodhew are specialists in all things solar! Our electricians are fully licenced and have years of industry experience and knowledge to efficiently complete any solar inverter or solar panel repairs or replacements your system requires.

If your latest electricity bill doesn’t look right and you are concerned about your solar system, contact us today to arrange for one of our qualified solar specialists to attend your home or workplace and check your solar system and inverter are in good working order!