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Why Choose Solar Hot Water

Why Choose Us?

Solar Hot Water Installation​

What variety of Solar Hot Water do you offer?

At Goodhew Electrical and Solar we offer the Evacuated-Tube technology for our hot water systems. Evacuated-Tube systems are split, meaning that you have part of the system on the roof, with the tank and pump on the ground in replacement to your existing Gas or Electric tank.

Why Evacuated-Tube systems?

Save money on your water heating costs by going solar!

At Goodhew Electrical and Solar we only offer Evacuated-Tube technology for our hot water systems.

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems

Evacuated hot water tubes have a vacuum between the inner and outer layers of glass.

Inside these tubes are copper heat pipes, which contain a small amount of liquid that vaporises and rises to the top. Water from the tank then flows through the heat exchanger at the top of the collector, absorbing the heat from the condenser at the top of the heat pipe and returning this hot water to the storage tank.

Why evacuated tubes for solar hot water systems?

  • Whatever the weather, evacuated tube systems give you more hot water than flat panel collectors, even when the sun isn’t shining directly on them.
  • They absorb more heat for a longer period of the day, ultimately meaning you will use less of your electric or gas booster to heat your water!
  • The cylindrical shape of evacuated tube systems mean they are able to attract more heat from the sun. Unlike flat solar panel collectors, they do not need direct sunlight, which means they can continue to work well even in overcast conditions!
  • Evacuated tubes use the latest solar thermal technology to heat water, which is stored in an insulated tank, meaning you can use it throughout the day or even at night.

Evacuated tubes mean you can comfortably rely on solar for your hot water throughout the year.

Whether you want a new hot water system or hot water system replacement, contact us today!