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Air Conditioning

Why Choose Us?

Install air conditioning to keep your home cool

If you are looking for air conditioning installation, the first thing you may be wondering is whether to opt for a split system or ducted air conditioning system.

How do you know which air con system is right for you?

Split System Air Conditioning

Split systems are relatively cost effective to purchase individually and can be installed in one part of the house at a time. They work well in small properties or where only one or two rooms require air conditioning. The unit will be mounted on a wall inside your home and a condenser unit is required to be located outside your home so they can have a cosmetic impact on the overall look of your home.

Why choose us to install air conditioning?

At Goodhew, we supply and install high quality air conditioning systems and also offer preventative maintenance and regular servicing of any systems you already have installed.

We can discuss your homes cooling requirements and advise whether a split system or ducted system will be able to be installed in your home, which will be more beneficial for you and what the comparable costs are involved.

We supply and install high quality air conditioning systems and will discuss which is most suitable to your home or commercial space and provide you with a quote before carrying out any work.

Looking to install new home, residential or commercial air conditioning? Look no further! 

If you are looking for a high quality split system or ducted air con installation in your new or existing home or office space, contact us today.

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