Aurora Power One Fault Codes

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Aurora Power One Error Codes

Error Code Error Type Description
Sun Low W001 Input voltage under threshold. Input voltage under threshold (when off)
Input OC E001 Input over current
Input Uv W002 Input under voltage
Input OV E002 Input over voltage
Int. Error E003 No prarameters
Bulk OV E004 Bulk over voltage
Int. Error E005 Communication error
Out OC E006 Output over current
Int. Error E007 IGBT Sat
Sun Low W011 Bulk under voltage
Int. Error E009 Internal error
Grid Fail W003 Grid fail Wrong grid parameters
Int. Error E010 Bulk low
Int. Error E011 Ramp Fail
DC/DC Fail E012 DCDC error revealed by inverter. DCDC fault detected by inverter
Wrong Mode E013 Wrong input setting (singed instead of dual). Wrong input setting (single instead of dual channel)
Over Temp. E014 Over temperature. Internal temperature too high.
Cap. Fault E015 Bulk capacitor fail. Bulk capacitor fault.
Inv. Fault E016 Inverter fail revealed by DCDC. Inverter fault detected by DCDC.
Int. Error E017 Start timeout
Ground F. E018 I leak fail. Leakage current fault
Int. Error E020 DCDC relay fail. DCDC relay fault.
Int. Error E021 Inverter relay fail. Inverter relay fault.
Int. Error E022 Autotest timeout
Int. Error E023 DC injection error
Grid OV W004 Output over voltage
Grid UV W005 Output under voltage
Grid OF W006 Output over frequency
Grid UF W007 Output under frequency
Z Grid HI W008 Z grid out of range. Impedence outside range.
Int. Error E024 Unknown error. Internal error.
E025 Riso low (log only). Low insulation resistance (log only)
Int. Error E026 VRef error. Wrong reference voltage (VRef)
Int. Error E028 Fgrid measures fault. Grid frequency (FGrid) misreading
Int. Error E029 Zgrid measures fault
Int. Error E030 Ileak measures fault. Leak current (ILeak) misreading
Int. Error E031 Wrong V Measure. Voltage (V) misreading
Int. Error E032 Wrong I Measure. Current (I) misreading
Fan Fail W010 Fan Fail (no disconnection). Fan faulty (log only)
Int. Error E033 Under temperature. Internal Temperature
E034 Interlock fail (not used)
E035 Remote off. Remote power off.
E036 Vout Avg. Average output voltage outside range
W012 Clock battery low (no disconnection). Clock battery low (not operating)
W013 Clock failure (no disconnection). Clock faulty (not operating)