Why Choose a Commercial Solar System?

Why Choose Us?

Solar is an investment in your businesses future & this is where experience matters

Installing commercial solar is a business decision that not only demonstrates corporate social responsibility; it can also reap significant financial gains.  

Businesses use a lot of electricity, a lot of electricity means big power bills!

With solar installation being the cheapest and most efficient it has ever been in Australia there is no better time to invest.

Commercial solar systems to suit your needs

Goodhew Solar understand every commercial project is different and we spend time with you to ensure that the system you choose will suit the needs of your business and reduce your power bills.

What does a commercial solar system cost?

Send us a copy of your latest power bill and we can analyse your billing data and we can accurately forecast how much money solar installation can save you.

We will organise a time that suits you to discuss the most cost effective solar solution to meet your business needs and provide a detailed solar proposal for your business, including your return on investment.

Using only the best products

Fronius Tauro Inverter

The Fronius Tauro Inverter stands on its own and is the preferred choice for Commercial PV Systems over 100kW. The Fronius Tauro is the world’s leading free-standing commercial string inverter specially designed for decentralised rooftop and ground based PV systems as well as covered parking spaces. The Tauro has proven its value. Thanks to its versatility, it has become the first choice for Commercial PV projects with top performance and maximum efficiency thanks to innovative design.

Sungrow Commercial Inverter

Sungrow provides a complete portfolio of commercial inverters ranging from 30kW to 110kW. Sungrow allows the system to be tailored to the needs of your business, minimising your daytime energy costs. As the leading manufacturer of solar inverters, Sungrow is a trusted partner of Goodhew Electrical & Solar when it comes to implementing a high-performance commercial solar system.

Fronius Eco Inverter

The Fronius Eco Inverter enables you to monitor your system online so you can see how much power it is generating at all times. This smart technology allows you to track how much energy is going towards your usage and how much is going back on the grid, you can track how much money you are saving.

Want to know what Goodhew Solar can do for your business?

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"My Power bills are huge,
what can be done?"

Most often, commercial premises possess an incredible amount of roof space, perfect for designing and installing a commercial solar power system to cover your daytime usage. If your usage is a combination of daytime and night time usage, a hybrid (battery) system may be more suitable, however having your daytime usage covered will still certainly reduce the impact that these bills have. You can find out more about our hybrid systems here.

As we are both energy saving professionals and commercial solar installers, allow us to talk with you about all the ways we can help reduce the cost of power at your commercial premises. There are a number of ways that we can lower your bills and we would love a chance to discuss. Please fill out the following form, and we will get our team to contact you regarding a quote for a commercial solar panel installation.

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