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Power your home in Wynnum Plaza with solar

30% of Brisbane households are enjoying reliable, clean energy straight from the sun that is in abundance almost all year round – making it one of the highest solar installation rates of Australian capital cities! Our Wynnum Plaza solar experts can advise you on the best solar system for your home. 

Brisbane receives year-round sunshine, with approximately 5.2 hours a day delivering ‘peak sun’ according to the Bureau of Meteorology.  This high daily average means that a 5kWh system will generate on average enough power to meet small family-sized homes electricity requirements!

Solar is an asset for your home and lifestyle; installing solar allows you to take control of your energy usage; electricity bills and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

That means more money in your pocket to enjoy the things you love, whilst also doing your bit for the environment.

Power your home from solar when the sun isn’t shining

It’s now easier than ever to enjoy the electricity generated from your solar system even when the sun goes down. Find out more from our Wynnum Plaza Solar experts.

A hybrid solar system consists of solar panels, a solar inverter, and a battery system that allows you to store excess energy generated from solar panels during the day to use at night when tariffs are at peak rates.

By drawing energy from two separate sources you are able to combine the best of both worlds and maximise the energy your panels have generated from the sunlight 24 hours a day.

Brisbane solar hybrid systems are increasingly becoming the standard solar install option amongst both residential households and commercial installations.

Wynnum Plaza solar installation

There has never been a better time to install solar panels in Brisbane; with electricity costs consistently increasing and solar installation costs coming with generous government incentives; you could be reaping the benefits from your own solar power system in no time.

At Goodhew, we pride ourselves on providing only the best quality solar panels, inverters, customer service, and all-important after-sales care in Brisbane.

With us, you can be sure you are installing the best Brisbane solar system!

We make getting solar easy!

First things first. Speaking to our consultants will help you to understand how solar power works and which system is best suited for your needs.

Call us on 07 3286 1422 for obligation free advice and quote.

"My Power bills are huge,
what can be done?"

If you have been considering solar for your home but find yourself a little confused then Goodhew can help. Gavin & our team have all of the answers to your questions. Goodhew has been installing solar since the very beginning and has certainly learnt a lot along the way. A residential solar system can certainly help you to reduce or wipe out your electricity bill, depending on the size of the system and your families usage.

As we are both energy saving professionals and residential solar installer, allow us to talk with you about all the ways we can help reduce the cost of power at your premises. There are a number of ways that we can lower your bills and we would love a chance to discuss. 

Please fill in your contact information on the form provided and we’ll contact you at a time that suits you best Or call us Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.