Xantrex Fault Codes

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Xantrex Error Codes

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
The inverter’s KEDs and display are blank and the inverter does not operate in sufficient sunlightUtility service panel AC and DC breakers are switched offTurn on the breakers in the sequence described in “commissioning procedure”.
The display reads inverter offline and ZC voltage faultUtility service panel breakers are switched off. AC grid voltage is not present or incorrectTurn on utility panel breakers. Check AC connections at the inverter’s terminals. Ensure AC voltage is within the range specified and “output” below is present
The display reads inverter offline with sufficient sunlightDC breakers are switched off (if installed), or DC fuses are blown (if installed). DC array voltage is not presentTurn on any DC breakers and check any DC fuses. Check DC connections at the inverter’s positive and negative DC terminals. Check for incorrectly wired PV arrays
The display reads inverter offline and DC voltage fault with sufficient sunlightDC voltage is present but incorrectCheck DC connections at the inverter’s positive and negative DC terminals. Check for incorrectly wired PV arrays. Ensure a voltage within the operating voltage range is present at the inverter’s terminals
Only the inverter RED LED is illuminated and the display reads ground faultGround fault condition detected on the PV arrayThe PV system should be checked by a qualified electrician and repaired. See “PV ground fault detection” on page viii. To reconnect:
1. Make sure the GT inverter is not outputting power, and then switch off the DC breaker. If a DC breaker is not used, then disconnect the DC input.
2. Switch off the AC breaker
3. Remedy the actual ground fault Restart the unit using the sequence described in “commissioning procedure” below.
The system value (power being produced by the system) displayed on each inverter’s LCD is different on inverters connected to the same daisy-chained networkInverters can display different system values when one of the inverters is set to a different baud rate than the rest. That particular inverter’s baud rate screen show Tx and / or RX errorCheck each inverter’s baud rate and compare the settings. Change any inverters with an incorrect baud rate. Make sure to follow the recommended procedure supplied by Xantrex grid tie solar inverter baud rate change procedure (976-0216-01-01 available on www.xantrex.com)

Steps for Commissioning Procedure

To start the GT inverter
1. Ensure the AC breaker is off
2. Ensure the correct multi-contact PV connectors are firmly plugged into the GT inverter as described in “connecting the DC wiring” on page 3-2 of the Xantrex solar inverter manual
3. (GT 2.8-AU only) Ensure the AC quick connect is firmly inserted into the GT inverter and that the coupling ring is tight
4. Uncover the PV array and/or close the main DC disconnect switch, if one is installed. Ensure the PV array is producing the required output voltage
5. Connect the utility grid voltage by switching the AC circuit breaker on

The AC Voltage Should be Within Below Output Range

 GT 2.8-AUGT5.0-AU
Maximum output power2800 W ac5000 W ac
Maximum output current 14.0 A 24.0 A
Nominal grid voltage 230 Vac 
Nominal grid frequency 50 Hz 
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)<3% 
Power Factor >0.99% (at rated power)
>0.95% (full power range)
Output Characteristics                   Current Source                                   
Output Current Waveform

 Sine Wave

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