Tilt Racking

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Tilt Racking

If you have a tile roof, solar panels must be installed at the same angle as the roof. If you have a tin roof (colorbond, kiplock etc) we are able to install panels on tilt racking.

Produce more power from your solar panels using tilt racking

The solar panels produce more power when they are pointed directly at the sun i.e. North. The orientation of the panels and the angle they are tilted will have a greater effect on annual energy production. Most Australian homes have a roof pitch of 20-30 degrees which is considered optimum for maximising solar power generation. However, the panels can be installed anywhere between 10-35 degrees. A minimum tilt of 10 degrees is recommended to ensure self-cleaning by rainfall. While flat installation on roofs is possible, please consider that dust and debris are less likely to be washed off and more frequent cleaning will be required. If your panels are horizontal they will not self-clean as effectively as panels at a tilt – dust has a higher chance of accumulating and impending electricity production. The drop-in performance due to dust accumulation on panels is roughly between 5% and 10%. On the other hand, solar panel arrays tilted at an angle – even a slight angle – are more likely to be washed clean when it rains.

The perfect tilt angle for solar panels is the same as the latitude of the install location. Brisbane has a latitude of 27 degrees, so by tilting your solar array, we are maximising the benefit of your solar system all year round. The midday sun gets higher in the summer, and lower in the winter so by tilting the panels gives you maximum efficiency all year round.

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