3 mistakes people make when looking at solar installation

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3 mistakes people make when looking at solar installation

Feel in the dark when it comes to what you need to know when getting quotes for a solar installation?

You want to ensure you’re getting a quality system that’s right for your home, for the right price. You don’t have to be a solar expert or understand the technical details of a solar installation to have a good experience.

By knowing what common mistakes people make when installing solar panels in Queensland, you can avoid them!

We share 3 common mistakes people make when purchasing solar

1.    Not getting multiple quotes.

Does the quote seem unbeatable or considerably cheaper than you expected? There’s a very good chance it could be too good to be true!

Get at least 3 quotes to compare. The quotes should be consistent and if not, there is likely either a reduction in quality or service, or you are being ripped off. If an installer provides a much cheaper quote than another, ask them why? Find out what brand of panels and inverters they are using and do your research online to compare. Often a significantly low quote can come with a significantly higher risk.

2.    Not getting the right size or system for their home.

A professional and reputable solar installer will conduct a full analysis of your home, habits, energy goals, and electricity usage before providing you with a quote.  Questions such as; what size is your household, What time of day do you use most of your power and what are your solar goals, will all be taken into consideration before advising you on the system most suitable for your home and budget.

3.    Hiring a company with little experience in solar installation.

Inexperienced solar installers can create problems. It is advisable to only use licensed, experienced solar professionals who will know where best to place solar panels on your roof and ensure it is performing optimally. A professional solar installation company will run checks after installation, offer a warranty on parts and workmanship as well as being able to provide ongoing maintenance of your panels.

For professional advice and competitive pricing on a quality solar system installation call the team at Goodhew Solar!