The importance of after sale service when it comes to solar

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The importance of after sale service when it comes to solar

After sale service is as important as the solar panels when it comes to installing solar.

When choosing your solar installation provider it is tempting to base your decision on price alone. However, after sales service and support should also be at the top of your list so that you know you are covered and have someone you can contact quickly in the event that you have a problem, need to ask a question about managing the system or there is a system error.

Thorough after sale service shows the providers commitment to building a long-term relationship with their customers.

Your solar installation is just the beginning of your solar journey!

Your provider should be committed to being your long-term solar energy partner. In order to get maximum efficiency out of your solar panels they will require regular maintenance and the company you choose should be able to offer this for the life of your system, no matter now big or small the maintenance request.

After sale customer support and service is where those offering cheaper solar installations often fall down.

Don’t be under the impression you have found a bargain for your solar installation if the price seems to good to be true or significantly cheaper than other quotes. The reality is, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long term due to lack of support and knowledge when it comes to system maintenance, repairs and performance.

After sale service for solar adds value by:

Instigating regular maintenance checks to identify and solve energy production and usage issues to ensure you are generating the most energy possible

  • Making you aware of system upgrades that will increase the efficiency of your system
  • Communicating with manufacturers on your behalf in regards to warranty claims, if required.

At Goodhew Solar we pride ourselves on the standard of after sales service and support we provide! With us, you are dealing with a local provider who knows and understands your needs. We have a comprehensive knowledge of solar system maintenance and can provide all aspects, from complete system services to regular cleaning of your panels to maximise efficiency.

We are committed to being your energy partner and take an active role in maintaining the health of your solar system from day one.