Solar and its benefits – yes it’s worth it!

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Solar and its benefits – yes it’s worth it!

Are solar panels worth it in Australia?

This is the question we get often and for most households the answer is YES!

With solar panel prices being at a record low and electricity rates in Australia continuing to skyrocket, there has been no better time to consider installing solar to power your home.

How much can solar save you on your power bills?

With the price of quality solar panels being so affordable it is possible to see a return on your investment in as little as 3-5 years. Considering solar is a life long investment that is not long at all for it to pay itself off and start saving you money!

Take a look at your latest electricity bill to see how much you pay for your power. For every kWh of solar power used in the home during the day, that is what you will instantly save!

If you install a hybrid system, which also consists of a solar battery, you can come close to saving all of the power you use (24 hours a day) as you are able to store energy generated and not used during daylight hours to use of an evening, when tariffs are generally at peak rates!

If your power bill is more than $500 a quarter then installing solar will almost certainly save you money. Generally, the larger your bill, the more money you will save.

It is important to consider that even if you are currently a small household not quite meeting the $500 a quarter bill, if your family is going to grow in the next couple of years or you will be moving into a bigger home, which would see power bills increase, then installing solar now could still see you saving big bucks in the future.

Solar power costs around 5-6 cents a kWh to produce – compared to current tariffs of between 23c and 38c a kWh depending on where you are in Australia – you can see how installing solar is completely worth it!

Solar and its environmental benefits

Not only are there significant financial benefits to installing solar, you are also significantly reducing your carbon footprint and the amount of greenhouse gasses your home produces. Considering the recent increase in natural disasters that have occurred due to climate change, the environmental benefits are equally as important to some, if not more so, than the money you can save. (Link to climate change blog)

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