Climate Change and how Solar Helps

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Climate Change and how Solar Helps

Climate change has always been a prominent topic of conversation.

However, with recent extreme weather events; bushfires, droughts, rising sea levels and ecosystem changes, now more than ever is it a pivotal point of both personal and political discussions.

With solar being at one of the lowest rates ever to install, combined with generous government incentives and rebates, now more than ever are people opting to install solar to generate the energy required to power their homes and businesses.

How can solar help reduce your impact on climate change?

By installing solar, you can significantly reduce your reliance on fossil fuels for your energy, reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses produced and significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

What you need to know about the environmental benefits of solar

  • Energy generated from solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Solar energy is a clean, green, renewable energy resource that can significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels

The cause of rising global temperatures and climate change is a result of greenhouse gas emissions (particularly CO2) creating variations in our climate. These greenhouse gasses are produced when fossil fuels are burned. Electricity generated with solar panels does not produce these harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the latest Australian Energy Statistics released in 2017-18, a staggering 60% of Australia’s energy is derived from coal. However the statistics show that there had also been a 23% increase in growth of solar energy uptake, indicating that more people are opting for this cleaner, greener energy to power our homes and businesses.

Powering homes and businesses with solar is one way that we can all activity contribute to slowing down the negative impacts we are having on climate change. By investing in solar you reduce your demand on fossil fuels, limit the greenhouse gas emissions your home produces and shrink your carbon footprint.

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