Monitoring the performance of your solar system

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Monitoring the performance of your solar system

Solar performance matters

When making the decision to install a solar system the primary driver for most homeowners is to save money on their power bills, with contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions coming in at a close second! Once a solar system is installed its not long before homeowners start reaping the benefits and cost savings; so it can be frustrating if suddenly those savings start to slow down. Monitoring the performance of a solar system is important to ensure optimal power.

Unless there has been an environmental change, such as a long run of cloudy days or a transition to a less sunny season, then your solar system should continue to perform at their optimal level all year round.

How can I check my solar systems output?

If your power bill has increased or you suspect an issue with your systems performance, the easiest way to check is to check the readings on your inverter display. Monitor daily over a 7 to 14 day period, if these readings are lower than expected or lower than last time you checked, there may be an issue that needs rectifying.

What affects solar system performance?

There are a number of reasons that your solar system may not be performing as well as usually does; the number one reason is not enough sunlight. Solar panels perform best when they are completely unobstructed to the suns rays.

What limits light for solar panels?

If you live in a sunny state, you may be under the impression that your system doesn’t require much maintenance for your panels absorb maximum sunlight.

However, there are all sorts of obstructions that can limit the light hitting and being absorbed by your panels including; dirt, dust, leaves, and bird droppings – even bird’s nests! Build-ups of these elements will all affect your panel’s efficiency and ability to absorb light; even a seemingly thin layer of residue can affect the performance of your panels.

Be alerted as soon as your systems performance drops

At Goodhew we monitor the systems we install via Wi-Fi, at absolutely no cost! This means we can quickly identify a drop in performance; alert the homeowner and work quickly to rectify the issue, whether this be checking panels and parts or scheduling in the panels to be cleaned.

By monitoring the systems we install we are able to ensure that they are always performing at optimal levels. If you are concerned about your panel’s performance, contact us today. The sooner performance issues are addressed the sooner they can be rectified!