6 reasons why renewable energy is the way of the future

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6 reasons why renewable energy is the way of the future

Australia’s renewable energy makes up 26% of the National Electricity Market, but there is still a long way to go in making renewables the largest Electricity source in Australia.

This year, greenhouse gas figures released in May showed that national emissions in Australia fell slightly thanks to rapid deployment of energy produced by solar and wind which offset increases from other sectors.

Here are 6 reasons why renewable energy is the way of the future:

1.     Renewable energy is far better for the environment

In 2019 alone, the electricity generated from wind turbines managed to avoid an estimated 42 million cars’ worth of CO2 emissions. This energy from renewable sources is not only non-polluting, producing it does not rely on any burning of fossil fuels, which is a win win for the environment!

2.    Australia has plenty of space and sun for renewable energy

When it comes to the space required for the infrastructure renewable energy requires, Australia has an abundance of it! Solar panels on rooftops take up no excess space than what is already being used and thinking bigger picture, Australia has an abundance of uninhabited space for both solar and wind farms.

3.    Economical benefits

Solar energy in Australia is already a huge industry, with 27,000 people employed in the manufacturing and installation of solar farms and systems for homes and businesses. This has doubled in the last 3 years and is only going to get bigger as more people choose solar as their power source.

4.    Time to payback solar installation is short

With the amount of sunlight available in Australia, the time it takes to recover the costs of manufacturing and installing solar is less than two years.

5.    Renewable resources do not deplete

Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite, solar and wind power do not deplete! We will never run out of these natural resources.

6.    Every country can use solar power

Finally, nearly every country in the world has an abundance of sun and/or an abundance of wind, including most developing countries.

There is no reason why the world’s energy can’t be powered predominantly via natural, renewable resources.