Read this before you choose solar!

Why Choose Us?

Read this before you choose solar!

When choosing a solar installer, it’s important to do your research!

Choosing a quality solar installer can be the difference between years of clean, green, stress free solar energy or years of unanswered phone calls, emails and headaches!

Key considerations when choosing solar

Choose an Approved Solar Retailer and an Accredited installer

By being accredited with the Clean Energy Council, a business shows its commitment to responsible sales, marketing and the following of best practices in the industry.

The ACCC authorised program raises the standard of the minimum requirements set out by government regulations, ensuring that the best standard is delivered within the solar industry.

An installer with Clean Energy Council accreditation is a must have for anyone installing solar. This accreditation recognises those who have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar (and other renewable energy systems). They’re experts in their industry!

Quality over cost

As tempting as it can be to save a few dollars, save that for after the installation when you can reap the rewards on your lower priced power bills! Of course, cost is extremely important but it shouldn’t be the main factor in your purchase decision.

If you have been quoted a price that seems too good to be true, like most things, it likely is. Cheap solar deals often compromise on quality, aftercare, maintenance and warranties.

Your solar system is designed to last you for decades to come, it is critical you are happy with your system and it’s performance, it’s not something you want to scrimp on!

State of the art technology and quality products

Technology improves year on year, so it’s important to stay ahead as much as you can by choosing the most up to date system at the time of your install, as it will produce more energy than an older system with out of date technology.

With many solar products on the market, varying in quality, the installer you choose should be able to reassure you that the brands they use and a partnered with are known for their quality and craftsmanship.

Installer reputation

Choose an installer who knows their solar stuff! Opt for a company with a long-standing reputation as being the best in the business, with positive reviews, who can provide examples of their previous work. This way you can feel confident knowing they are in the solar industry experts who are in it for the long haul, meaning they’ll be operational for many years to come to honour warranties.

At Goodhew we can assure you a stress-free install! We take pride in excelling in customer service, providing quality installations and using state of the art technology. If you’re considering solar for your home or business, contact us today for an obligation free quote!