The Importance of Solar Maintenance

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The Importance of Solar Maintenance

If you haven’t thought about your solar panels since they’ve been installed – you’re not alone! Once solar panels are installed they are often out of sight out of mind. This article discusses the importance of solar maintenance.

It may not be until you notice a jump in your energy bills that you give your solar system much consideration. If there hasn’t been a run of grey, gloomy, dark days and your energy output is continuing to decline – then your solar panels are likely in need of some well overdue maintenance!

Solar Maintenance – How do I maintain my solar system?

  • Have them cleaned regularly
  • Monitor their energy output
  • Have the cables, connections and the inverter regularly checked

Why do solar panels need cleaning?

Solar panels work by absorbing light into their solar cells. If the panel is compromised by dust, dirt or foreign objects then the ability to absorb light is reduced or in some instances blocked entirely, reducing energy output.

Solar panels get extremely dirty. Due to the angle they are positioned on your roof, not only are they prone to a build-up of dust, they will also accumulate leaves and other debris, which will need some manual assistance to be removed.

How often do I have to clean my solar panels?

Firstly – cleaning solar panels is not an easy DIY job! Due to your panels being on your roof, for safety reasons, we recommend they are only cleaned by a fully licenced solar maintenance professional.

Most solar systems come with an app that let you know how much energy they are generating, over time you may notice this reducing and that is a clear indication your panels are due for a clean.

Engaging a professional at least every 12 months, or more frequently if you live in an area that is affected by the elements such as storms, seawater or a significant amount of dust will ensure that your panels are working optimally. Whilst they are being cleaned, the solar technician will check for any issues with the panels such as cracks or broken glass, as well as checking the cabling and plugs to ensure no other maintenance is required.

Will rainwater clean my solar panels?

Think of your panels as a car windscreen. Even with rain, your windscreen often needs the help of its windscreen wipers. When windscreen wipers are used, the centre of the screen is clear but around the centre where the wipers can’t reach, the dirty residue and low visibility becomes more apparent.

Even when it rains, as the rain evaporates dust and dirt particles attach to the windscreen meaning you still need to use the wipers.

If you didn’t clean your windscreen for 6 months, imagine how much visibility you would lose, you probably wouldn’t be able to drive! The same applies to your solar panels. When dust, dirt and grime builds up on them, the ability to absorb light is drastically reduced and so is the energy output they are able to produce.

Don’t delay – organise a clean of your solar panels today!

It is important to maximise the panels ability to absorb light and maximise the energy that your panels can create!

Solar panel installation is a considerable investment to a home and should be maintained accordingly to protect that investment! With regular solar maintenance your solar system will provide you with clean energy and reduced energy bills for years to come.

Not only this, it can often be a requirement of your manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your solar panels are kept clean and well maintained, with documentation required to support this.

Whether you are due for your regular clean, or haven’t ever had one – contact us today to ensure you’re getting the most from your solar system!