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Put your business on the path to reduced energy costs with a Brisbane commercial solar installation

Brisbane commercial solar systems can put your business on the path to reduced energy costs. Commercial solar also showcases your commitment to sustainability and demonstrating corporate social responsibility. 

With electricity costs on the rise and government rebates for installing solar better than ever, there has never been a better time for businesses to install solar. 

What is commercial solar?

When your solar panels are generating electricity during daylight hours, your commercial business will use the power from them first and not pay a cent for that power!

If you require more power than what your solar panels generate, then the system will automatically purchase more electricity from the grid; if your system creates excess power that your business doesn’t use, it will automatically sell it back to the grid.

Does commercial solar save me money?

Making the most of your by installing a commercial solar system on your roof can drastically reduce your energy costs. If you have a roof, you have everything you need to save your business money on your electricity!

Businesses use most of their power during the day, meaning commercial solar is often more cost-effective and has a higher return on investment than residential solar.  On average, it will take a business less than three years to pay back the cost of their commercial solar system.

High-energy consumption = expensive power bills. By installing a commercial solar system your business’s bottom line will grow through reduced power bills.

Brisbane Commercial Solar to suit your businesses needs

With a Brisbane commercial solar system, you can expect a significant return on investment and the peace of mind that you’re protecting your businesses future against rising energy costs.

At Goodhew Solar, we understand that every business is different and will spend time with you to ensure that we understand your usage and the system you choose to install will both suit your needs and reduce your power bills. 

Simply send us a copy of your latest energy bill to and one of our Brisbane commercial solar consultants will conduct a full assessment of your electricity usage and forecast just how much you could be saving by installing a commercial solar system at your businesses premises.

Our most recent project

Sheldon College 693KW system

"My Power bills are huge,
what can be done?"

Most often, commercial premises possess an incredible amount of roof space, perfect for designing and installing a commercial solar power system to cover your daytime usage. If your usage is a combination of daytime and night time usage, a hybrid (battery) system may be more suitable, however having your daytime usage covered will still certainly reduce the impact that these bills have. You can find out more about our hybrid systems here.

As we are both energy saving professionals and commercial solar installers, allow us to talk with you about all the ways we can help reduce the cost of power at your commercial premises. There are a number of ways that we can lower your bills and we would love a chance to discuss. Please fill out the following form, and we will get our team to contact you regarding a quote for a commercial solar panel installation.

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