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Smoke alarms reduce the risk of death in a house fire by over 50% when working, correctly installed and maintained. Goodhew Electrical and Solar Gold Master Electricians are the experts in smoke alarm installation, testing, maintenance. We offer also hardwired, interconnected upgrades to ensure people in your home have the earliest possible warning in the event of a fire. Goodhew Electrical and Solar has installed thousands of smoke alarms in Redlands.

Smoke alarm legislation in Redlands, Queensland

Queensland smoke alarm legislation has recently changed. The new laws are being introduced in a phased approach, the first being in 2017.  The factsheet below provides a good overview of of the legislation and what each phase means for you.
It is important to note that as of 1 January 2022, all smoke alarms in a dwelling being sold, leased of having a lease renewed must: 
  • be photoelectric (AS 3786:2014); and
  • not also contain an ionization sensor; and
  • be less than 10 years old; and
  • operate when tested; and
  • be interconnected with every other smoke alarm in the dwelling so all activate together.
Smoke Alarms Redlands QLD Legistlation Factsheet

Download the Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation Factsheet

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Contact our office for an obligation free smoke alarm quote. Goodhew Electrical and Solar is trusted by over 25,000 customers across Queensland and Northern NSW including over 15,000 in the Redlands alone.