Why you should always go back to the original installers if your solar panels are damaged by storms or hail

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Why you should always go back to the original installers if your solar panels are damaged by storms or hail

With Queensland’s storm season just around the corner, solar panel damage is a real concern!

Solar panels are extremely robust and manufactured to withstand the most volatile of weather conditions. The panels are safeguarded by hardened glass, which protects from heavy wind, rain and hail as well as tree branches which may be thrown around in the wild weather. When installed at the right angle, panels will be able to withstand slanting blows from hail instead of being directly hit, reducing the risk of solar panel damage. However, as robust as they are, unfortunately in extreme hailstorms, damage can occur.

How do I know if my solar panels have been damaged?

If you can’t visibly see any signs of damage to your panels, you can check your inverter for signs they may have been compromised. Your inverter may show a ground fault light, which indicates that power is flowing from your panels to your roof causing a ground fault (also known as an earth fault).

Even if your inverter seems to be working normally, keep an eye on it for a few weeks after a hailstorm to ensure it is working normally. Contact us if you suspect any issues and we can talk you through what to look for.

What do I do if my panels are damaged?

If your panels have been damaged you may be able to claim for them to be repaired or replaced on your home insurance.

Ensuring solar system warranty stays intact

It is important to note that to ensure the warranty on your panels and solar system remains intact there are certain conditions set by your installation company that are required to be met and maintained throughout the life of your system. One of these conditions being specifics regarding workmanship by qualified and certified installers and replacement parts or panels used for repairs.

To protect your warranty and ensure it isn’t void, you are entitled to nominate your own service company, i.e. your original installer, instead of going with the installation company your insurance company suggests. This way you ensure your warranty remains intact and have peace of mind that your repairs or replacement is being carried out to the high standard of your original installation.