Prepare for Solar Installation with these energy tips to get the most out of your investment

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Prepare for Solar Installation with these energy tips to get the most out of your investment

If you’re thinking of investing in solar at your property, then there’s a number of things you can do to prepare for solar installation. Follow these tips to reduce your energy consumption and get the greatest return on your investment.

1. Use Smart Energy-use tactics

It’s important to note that your solar system will perform at its best during the day when receiving direct sunlight. There is ample solar energy available for use during the day while avoiding paying higher usage charges from your energy retailer at night. To make the most of this daytime “free energy” you can start by running some of your devices and appliance during the day. For example, try cooking with a slow cooker a few times a week to avoid reliance on electric cookers during the evening. Additionally, if you wash clothes regularly or use a dishwasher, use a timer so that they run while your panels are receiving the most energy. It is a good idea to start implementing these tactics while you prepare for your solar installation.

2. Adopt Eco-friendly habits

Don’t just change when you use power, change how you use it. It estimated that 35% of energy use in a standard household goes towards heating water. If your home has an electric water heater, reduce the time your family spends in the shower. Similarly, you can set your washing machine to cold wash and utilize a shorter dishwasher cycle. These habits will not only save on your energy use, but will also reduce your daily household water usage.

Image of Dishwasher with door open

3. Switch to LED

If you are still using halogen bulbs in lights or lamps, consider swapping them out to high-efficiency LED bulbs. LED bulbs use around 80% less energy than standard halogen. When the number of lights in your home is considered – there is certainly some significant savings to be made. This will help reduce your evening usage while increasing your potential solar credit.

At Goodhew Electrical and Solar, our team of electricians can help you with your lighting needs in preparation for your solar install.