What are the Government rebates for installing solar?

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What are the Government rebates for installing solar?

Rebates for installing solar in QLD

The Queensland Government is committed to making electricity more affordable for Queenslanders. To enable this to be possible, the Queensland Government is providing rebates to assist Queenslanders in installing solar. This means that households that would otherwise not be able to afford to invest in a solar PV system can reap the benefits of solar and in turn reduce their power bills with a little help from the Government.

Am I eligible for a Government rebate for solar?

There are two solar incentives available from the government. Feed-in tariffs and Small-scale technology certificates (STCs). These both help to reduce solar costs meaning you get a return on your investment faster.

Small-scale Technology Certificates

STCs are part of the federal scheme, which offers customers a form of rebate if you install solar panels or a solar hot water system. When installed you will receive a number of ‘certificates’, which can be sold or given to your solar installer for a discount on your system.

The value of the certificate shifts with supply and demand, as well as your system size and location. Australia is split into 4 STC zones, with zone 1 having the highest STC reward, zones over Queensland vary.

Queensland Solar Feed-in Tariffs

When solar panels produce excess electricity it is transferred back to the shared energy grid. For each kWh of electricity that your panels put back on the grid, your electricity supplier will offer you a rebate off your bill.

SE Queenslanders receive a voluntary FiT of around 7c/kWh – 20c/kWh depending on your electricity retailer and time of day.

Contact us today to discuss the best solar system for your home or business. We’ll be able to discuss with you any potential rebates you qualify for and if you provide us with a recent copy of your electricity bill we can estimate your return on investment.