Not all solar installations are created equal – choose an elite solar installer you can trust

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Not all solar installations are created equal – choose an elite solar installer you can trust

When it comes to solar installations, like any other project or renovation you will likely (and should!) get multiple quotes from various tradespeople to make sure you are getting the best bang for buck.

When it comes to quotes for solar installation – if the price seems too good to be true – there is likely a catch. On the other foot, the highest quote doesn’t necessarily mean the highest quality.

It is important to be wary of what companies are offering, know what to look for and what questions to ask a solar installation company before you sign the contract.

Some ways solar installers can cut costs:

  • By using cheap equipment that will require more maintenance, repair or earlier replacement – eventually costing you more in the long run
  • By not offering substantial warranties on equipment or workmanship
  •  By not offering aftercare and routine maintenance

An elite solar installations company should be able to offer you all-round solar care and maintenance, from installation through to the ongoing maintenance required, for the life of your solar system.

What to look for from a solar company:

  • Quality panels, inverters, and components. It is not just the panels and inverters that you need to compare, the components that form the full solar system are just as important. The Queensland climate is subject to hot and wet weather. At Goodhew we use stainless steel brackets and rails to ensure longevity throughout the elements.
  • Warranties. You want a company that provides a warranty on their panels, performance, products, and workmanship. At Goodhew everything from our workmanship through to the inverters is covered by warranty. The solar PV panels are covered by a 25-year warranty, with the inverters carrying a 5 or 10-year warranty depending on the inverter you choose. Our repairs are also carried out in our own maintenance warehouse, meaning no sending of parts overseas!
  • Reviews, testimonials, and examples of previous projects. Recommendations, reviews, and testimonials can set elite solar providers apart from the cowboys. 100% 5-star reviews are rare but as long as the majority of reviews are excellent and any sub-par ones can be explained reasonably then this is a good indication of a professional company. Be wary of providers that don’t have any reviews or examples of their work. An experienced reputable company should have examples of the work they have completed, along with pictures, especially if they are stating they have performed hundreds or thousands of installations.

Solar is a significant investment and one that will be part of your home for at least 20-30+ years!

Look for a reputable, experienced all-rounder when it comes to solar installation company selection who can provide you with maintenance for the life of your solar system.

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