We are Obsessed with Cheap Solar!

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We are Obsessed with Cheap Solar!

Notice that this heading isn’t a question. It’s a statement.

Fun Facts:

  • Australia has the highest take up rates of rooftop solar in the world.
  • Australia is obsessed with Cheap Solar.

Due to a number of factors the price of an average solar system has consistently come down over the last 10 years, making cheap solar very accessible. To the point that it is almost a “no brainer” for the average home owner to purchase a solar system. But Cheapest does not always = Best Value.

The reason… well not all Solar Installation companies are the same and the competition on price does not always make for a better outcome for the customer.

You see, as much as we love doing what we do, our industry is very uncertain and essentially attracts what we like to call “Cowboys”. These are the companies that will attract your attention with very cheap prices and shiny marketing then unfortunately deliver a very substandard result.

This isn’t something new to our industry or many other industries for that matter…….

Remember: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a cheap buy.” Francis Dunlop

This is not just our pitch. There are plenty of high-quality solar companies and we applaud them all because they are sending the same message. But there are also many poor ones and they tend to be what we call, Cheap and Cheerful. We would encourage you to further your research before making an investment decision. Some great resources include:

Some More Facts: 

* Since 2011 over 800 Solar Companies have ceased trading in Australia. Simply vanished. (Although some have re-appeared with new names and more shiny new marketing!)

* The average age of a Solar Company is just 6 years old. Few have ever lasted more than 10, mainly because they have not allowed for warranty and service support.

* Cheap Solar Companies use Sub Contractors to install their systems. There is no Quality Assurance on the Workmanship and no Responsibility when warranty or workmanship claims hit.

* Consumer legislation requires the company that completes a solar installation to support all warranties for all products. Although many will try and fob you off to the manufacturer, if they are still around. 

* The Clean Energy Council Audit in 2018 found that 1 in 5 rooftop solar systems was either installed incorrectly or dangerously. So you have a 20% chance of getting a solar system installed that is “NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”.

In 2018 173 Solar Installers had their accreditation suspended for defective works. The CEO of the Consumer Law Action Centre has stated publicly: “There can be cowboys coming into this market quite easily” furthermore “a major problem is consumers having to deal with a number of different entities when they get the system installed.” There are thousands of formal complaints lodged every year and many of them end up in Civil and Administrative Tribunals. This is costly and frustrating for all concerned. It doesn’t appear to be getting much better.

There are many ways that Solar Companies can (and do) cut corners. Things you will not find out until after the fact. Often when it is too late. Often when the company that sold it to you is long gone. Something we can highlight in future blog articles.

Solar is a Long Term Investment Decision. Make your decision wisely. Understand the risks to your investment so that you can see value over price when making that decision. At Goodhew we want you to get the long term return on investment that you deserve and we intend to be there with you for the life of your solar system. Contact us today to talk a solar expert.