Solar energy storage or install a bigger solar system – what is the right solution for you?

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Solar energy storage or install a bigger solar system – what is the right solution for you?

In recent years Solar Energy Storage solutions have improved dramatically. Small, off grid solar systems on rural properties and isolated holiday homes are a common installation and now the boom in residential hybrid solar systems is beginning.

But what is the right solution for you?

On almost a daily basis we get asked about solar energy storage.

How much does it cost and is it the right solution for me? This is what you want to know.

There are several factors that come into play when determining if energy storage is the right step or if simply installing a bigger solar system is the smarter solution for you.

The first question we always ask our customers is why do you want a battery?

Is this a purely financial based decision with the intent of trying to reduce your electricity bill as much as possible? Or are you interested in the Emergency back up capabilities and is the extra reduction on your power bill just an added bonus?

If the sole motivation for you to be asking about Solar Energy Storage is to maximize the reduction of your power bill, then 9 times out of 10 Battery Storage won’t be the correct solution for you.

Instead, you will most likely be far better off taking the money that you would spend on a battery and put in into installing a larger solar system and selling more power back to the grid.

This is where negotiating your Feed in tariff becomes essential, we will touch on this topic in a future blog post and go into detail about what the best energy retail plans available out there are, and how to get on them. But selling your excess electricity right now is more financially viable than storing it.

So, when is a Solar energy storage solution the right option?

In residential solar there is only one case where energy storage is the perfect solar solution; that is when you want or need to protect against power outages from the grid. Grid outages still happen although in most residential suburbs they are not common. If it is critical for you to maintain electricity during any outage then battery energy storage is the right solution.

With the new hybrid systems, it is possible to dedicate a limited number of circuits as essential services. These circuits will remain on, drawing power from the battery should the main grid drop out.  For several of our customers that live in areas prone to grid failure such as the Moreton Bay Islands then this feature alone is enough to warrant installing a battery and the extra reduction on the bill is just an added bonus.

If you would like help working out the perfect solar solution for you then give us a call and we will be happy to help. It’s about the right solar solution for your needs and your energy security.