Quality solar is so much more than just panels on a roof

Why Choose Us?

Quality solar is so much more than just panels on a roof

When local Redland Bay resident Santo had an error message on his solar system, he identified that it was not working and straight away rang Goodhew Solar to let them know.

“They came out very quickly and because the unit came with a 10-year warranty the inverter was replaced that same morning,” Says Santo.

“Not only that but I didn’t know how to set up the wifi on the inverter and so Goodhew sent out their tech guru Rod to assist. He was great. In no time at all Rod had our solar system connected to the internet and showed us how to monitor our system from our phone.”

“I can’t speak highly enough of the Goodhew crew; prompt, professional, and done without cost or fuss. I am so pleased that we chose them to install our system 3 years ago” Santo told us.

This is just one of thousands of stories from customers who have benefited from the quality customer service that is delivered by Goodhew Electrical and Solar across the Redlands and beyond.

It’s not by accident that service is at the heart of this professional local business providing quality solar, it’s by design. 

Goodhew Electrical and Solar started back in 2007 by owner-operators, Gavin & Anneke Goodhew. An Electrician by trade, Gavin had a passion for quality solar well before it became as popular as it is today. “Over the years we have seen massive changes & development in the Solar Industry. There have been huge product developments & regular changes in Installation requirements & regulations” Gavin said.

Gavin saw the potential in the solar industry before most did & was amongst the first Solar companies in the Redlands.

In 2013, Gavin & Anneke expanded the business into two adjoining warehouses in Cleveland.  This allowed them room to grow separate divisions within the business which now includes Residential and Commercial solar installation crews as well as an extensive Servicing and Maintenance department.

Goodhew specializes in a range of services including Solar Hot Water, Grid-connected Solar systems, Hybrid battery systems and they also specialize in completely off-grid standalone solar systems as well as electric pool heat pumps and general electrical work.

As Gavin mentioned: “We made the switch a few years ago with all of our Solar hot water, we now only install Evacuated Tube systems.  Due to their shape and design, they are far more efficient and unlike flat panels, they do not need direct sunlight to heat, which means they work well in overcast conditions giving you hot water for longer.  Each tube is also individually replaceable making future maintenance cheaper.”

After over a decade in the solar industry Goodhew Electrical and Solar have no intentions of slowing down. They are currently in the process of completing a large commercial installation at the prestigious Sheldon College & are continuing to expand their commercial presence.

“Over the years we have really grown our Commercial Solar sector & I work with a team of experts including designers, engineers, technicians and IT specialists who spend time to design & customize a system that will suit individual requirements for schools, apartment buildings, office blocks, caravan parks & resorts. It’s a nice feeling being respected in this very tough industry & I am looking forward to seeing where this industry is in another 10 years” Gavin says.