The importance of great solar customer service in Brisbane

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The importance of great solar customer service in Brisbane

Great solar customer service is all we want right? It’s often the case these days that as consumers, we pay lip service to customer service. Until the service we receive is so poor that we have to act.

The solar industry can be a bit like that for many people. In fact, every year the ACCC fields more than a thousand formal complaints about solar. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Great customer service isn’t something that comes in a package. At Goodhew Electrical and Solar it sits at the heart of everything we do.

At Goodhew, we will often tell you that there is more to a quality solar installation than just throwing some panels on your roof. There are many “touch points” that a customer will go through in their solar experience.

The first contact a customer has with us is a solar assessment. “Our people are very skilled and well trained and that means we can provide great advice.” says Gavin. This is where it all begins. Different roofs, different needs, different challenges. The first step in providing great service is to provide a tailored solution to every customer.

Most people are surprised about how much work goes into making sure the right solution is recommended. Educated customers make the best investment decisions.

After the right solar solution has been agreed to then the installation is next. When asked about this stage Gavin commented “Communication is the key here. We have to talk to our customers before, during and after the installation to make sure we get it right and to make sure we pay attention to detail.”

Having highly qualified, experienced and fully employed electricians and technicians managing the installation is critical. The installation teams are not sub-contractors, so they know how important each customer is.

Then the stage that too many solar companies forget about: after-sales service. “Our reputation in the Redlands is something we are very proud of.” Gavin says “When our customers need us after an installation, we are there for them.”

A great example of that is a very special member of the team named Rod. Rod is a customer of Goodhew and a little over 3 years ago helped set up one of the first wi-fi enabled solar inverters. He was so good at it that he now personally assists every Goodhew customer to get their solar system connected to their online application to see their system “live”.

“Our customers rave about Rod. We are lucky to have him and for many of our customers he is the icing on the cake” says Gavin. It’s just another one of those things that ensure the best outcome possible.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. They happen both in front of the customer and behind the scenes to make the whole solar experience positive and stress-free, which is why we place such a big importance on solar customer service.

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