Maximizing your 44c+ Feed in Tariff

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Maximizing your 44c+ Feed in Tariff

With only 7 years left on the majority of high feed-in tariff contracts, it is now more important than ever to ensure you have the right size system installed on your property to ensure you get the maximum financial benefit possible.

10 years ago when the majority of high feed-in tariff systems were installed, it was common practice to install a large Inverter with a smaller PV array.

This was solely due to the high costs of solar panels at the time.  There was only one benefit to doing this, which was locking in your approved capacity and leaving room for future expansion.

90% of original solar installs that we upgrade today were not previously maximizing their inverter capacity. This means thousands of dollars of possible profit generation were being wasted.

You are eligible for a rebate on a new system

Most people are often unaware that just because you have an existing system installed, that does not mean you are ineligible for the rebate on a new system.

Many customers are shocked to find out how little the cost actually is to install a brand new maxed out system in comparison to the prices they originally paid, (these new systems are not only far cheaper but often have 25-100% extra capacity on the Pv array)

What are the numbers

Each customer’s circumstances are different, because of this there is no rule of thumb calculation that can be used to determine just how much extra profit you will generate by upgrading your system.

In some cases a 25% increases to your PV array could lead to a 100% boost to your feed in credits.

This is because the way solar works it has to first supply your house with electricity before selling the EXCESS back to the grid. If you currently have a high feed-in tariff with a working solar system, but do not actually sell much power back to the grid, this is because the majority of the power being generated is being consumed by your household and you are not producing enough to have an excess to be sold.

By adding an extra 25% this could potentially then become all excess power which will be sold back to the grid generating you an income.

If you have a high feed-in and you are yet to upgrade your solar system, give Goodhew Electrical and Solar a call today.

We will do an assessment on your current usage and solar system, to help you work out if upgrading your system to generate more income is the right option for you.