Pier Caravan Park Hervey Bay

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Pier Caravan Park – Hervey Bay - 99kW

Location, Location, Location.

The Pier Caravan park in Hervey Bay is an extremely busy and popular holiday destination. This incredible install is set over 4 different buildings from one end of the park to the other., with one main switchboard with a 30kw limited export.

This was one challenging install with 4 different inverters on each building communicating with the main switch board via the ethernet (LAN cable) to talk to the main switchboard which is located at the front of the street, while limiting the export of this 99kw system to 30kw export only. It sure was a beautiful location to work at though.

Installation included:

330 X 300w Solar Panels 
3 X Fronius Eco 27.0-3-s inverters