Hybrid Solar Burbank

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Hybrid Solar Burbank

A hybrid system consists of solar panels, a solar inverter and a battery system that interface with the utility grid.

They are increasingly becoming the standard solar option across both residential households and commercial installations, to lower energy bills and make steps towards energy independence.

Advantages of hybrid systems

  • Allow you to store excess energy generated during the day from solar panels and use at night when tariffs are typically at peak rates, this is called peak shaving
  • You still earn feed-in tariff credits
  • Reduces power consumption from the grid, meaning more natural energy is used
  • Reduces energy bills by providing energy at peak times
  • The ability to store excess energy means that hybrid systems can act as a backup power supply during power outages on the grid or on grey and gloomy days

What is the price of a hybrid solar system?

Hybrid solar systems sit somewhere in the middle of the price points for off grid and on grid solar system’s. They are generally cheaper than a fully off grid system but can be more expensive than an on grid system – however the benefits of the hybrid system mean it pays for itself over a number of years in reduced energy bills, as rarely will energy need to be drawn from the grid.

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"My Power bills are huge,
what can be done?"

If your household usage is a combination of daytime and night time usage, a hybrid (battery) system may be more suitable and more effective in helping you to reduce or remove those nasty electricity bills.

As we are both energy saving professionals and hybrid solar installers, allow us to talk with you about all the ways we can help reduce the cost of power at your premises. There are a number of ways that we can lower your bills and we would love a chance to discuss. 

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