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Goodhew Electrical and Solar

Being in the business for 10 years we couldn’t have done it without believing in the products ourselves, in 2013 Gavin and Anneke Goodhew purchased larger premises, two adjoining warehouses in Cleveland which allowed for the business to grow. On one of the warehouse’s we installed a 40kW solar system which is made up of 200 x 200w panels & 6 x 5kw inverters plus tilt racking.

Tilt racking is often used in our commercial systems as it guarantees the best performance of your solar system all year round. When you are investing money into a commercial solar system, you want to make sure that you are getting the best products & the best installation for your money. Tilt racking also helps with self-cleaning of the panels, with the rain able to wash away the dirt and grime that can sit on the panels and for getting maximum return on investment in winter when the sun is in the lowest part of the sky. A lot of other solar companies only tilt to the required 10 degrees to ensure that the system is compliant, with Goodhew we want you to get the maximum out of your system all year round &we tilt it at 30 degrees. This process is of course more labour intensive but it is important to us to ensure that your system is producing to the highest ability and that you are happy for years to come. With this greater tilt, it also means that you are able to reduce your bill faster and have your system paying for itself.

On our second warehouse, we installed a 10kw hybrid system. This system has 10kw hours of storage which can be stored during the day to be used at night when the sun isn’t shining. When the sun is shining again the following day then the batteries will recharge once again.

Hybrid Solar Systems enable you to maintain your grid-connectivity however, you will rarely need to consume power from it. A Hybrid Solar System combines the best of both worlds; the convenience of a grid connected system, including the ability to earn Feed-in Tariff credits, with the extra peace of mind of a battery backup. This means that even during a power blackout, you still have electricity.
This warehouse is run completely off the hybrid so we do not use power.