Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort

Why Choose Us?

Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort

The Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort is a fantastic family holiday destination located in Yamba NSW. The owners of this resort had many meetings with Gavin before this project began. They worked closely together to design & plan this project to perfection before install.

This project was designed to be completed in 4 stages so that there could be the least amount of interruption to the resort and their guests. This also allowed us to plan these stages to be installed in the quieter times of the park.

The Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort is a very large resort and being very typical for a busy resort they are extremely high Commercial Solar Energy users. The owners wanted their huge electricity bill reduced dramatically.

With this system now fully complete (171kW in total) it is saving them on average of $65 000 per year & this system will be paid off in 3 years.