Install Solar Before Summer Hits

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Install Solar Before Summer Hits

Are you looking forward to summer but dreading those high electricity bills?  Those nice hot days that are great for going to the beach or swimming in the pool but require you to run your Air Conditioning in Overdrive while you are at home.

Every year without fail, customers get that bill around March or April and there is always a price spike on it, sometimes it’s a bit and sometimes it’s a lot. Nobody we know enjoys that Spring Bill. Except for people with solar because even though you use more electricity it’s also the best time for solar production as well. We get so many new inquiries for solar from March to May because that is the trigger for many people, which is why you should install solar before summer.

There has never been a better time to make your solar investment.

So why wait till summer? Now is the best time to be thinking about it. Every Quarter that you get that bill (especially summer) is another $450 (estimate) you could have saved. A solar investment starts paying you back from the very first day after you turn it on so waiting for summer just doesn’t make sense.

With an average wait of 4-6 weeks for an installation to happen now is the best time to be making the decision to get on board the solar savings journey. Let’s say you wait until November but because of how busy it is and because of the Xmas Shutdown you may not get your solar system installed until January. So much better to place your order months before and be at maximum capacity over the Xmas break and be guilt-free when working that A/C in overdrive.

Not to mention the Government STC rebate. Did you know that every January 1st for the next 10 years the incentive rebate offered via the government will reduce by about 10%? So if you install in January it could cost you a further $300.

Summer, including the lead into and out of, is also the optimal time of the year for solar generation.  In order to make a significant difference to your summer electricity cost, the system needs to be installed for the entire billing period. The longest day of the year is December 22. After that, the summer sun begins to creep down.

Something else worth remembering is that not only do you have the wait for the installation to be complete by us at Goodhew but you then also have to wait for Energex to change your meter. At the best of times, this wait can take up to 3 weeks. However, when it is peak storm season over summer, Energex personnel are of course prioritized to storm crews, which means the wait times can often be extended out to up to 6 weeks.

This means if you wait until December to enquire about solar you may not actually have the system turned on until the end of January or possibly even later which means the majority of your peak summer electricity usage will have already passed and the impact on your summer electricity bill will be a fraction of what it could have been had you been more prepared.

Bottom line: There are heaps of great reasons to get solar, even better if you do it before summer comes along. Don’t dread the summer electricity bills. Because they decided to install solar before summer, our solar customers experience what we like to call “Guilt-Free Summers!” Why not join the club. Get something going now and don’t be disappointed when everyone else is trying to get on board.