What Could Be Better Than Solar Hot Water?

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What Could Be Better Than Solar Hot Water?

Our answer: Solar Hot Water from a Micoe Evacuated Tube System. Micoe are one of the world’s leading solar technology companies and have pioneered the most efficient technology solution for solar hot water; evacuated tubes.

Evacuated tubes are a relatively new technology in the history of solar hot water collectors. At Goodhew we have been working with them now for over 5 years and have no complaints from the many customers who have chosen a hot water solution that is twice as efficient as the traditional solar panel systems.

Why does the Evacuated Tube system perform so much better than traditional hot water systems?

Like all new technology it is simply smarter:

The tube system is designed to retain more heat, more effectively. In winter especially, they perform even better. The evacuated tubes do not require any liquid to reside in the tubes, it passes through the header which draws heat from the tubes. This means longer lasting efficiency, increased product life cycle and less maintenance, if any.

The main benefits of choosing a Micoe evacuated tube solar solution are:

·       The tubes do not contain water and so are resistant to cold weather.

·       The curve of the tubes allow more heat can be absorbed from multiple angles of the sun.

·       The tubes allow high levels of heat retention meaning you get more hot water for longer.

·       Maintenance is simple as a tube can be swapped out if required.

·       Minimal wind drag on the system so it resists cooling from the wind.

·       Tank on ground makes it easily accessible for maintenance.

The future of Solar Hot Water is now available through our experienced plumbing team so if you have a tired old hot water unit and you just want to save money on a super-efficient hot water system then just give us a call and we can help you get it done. Let’s face it who wants wake up to a cold shower?