Renewable energy, why make the switch

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Renewable energy, why make the switch

Australia is fortunate to have access to more than enough renewable energy sources, primarily solar and wind, to power the entire country.

With all these natural resources available in abundance, it may come as a shock to hear that most homes and businesses in Australia get their electricity from energy that comes from fossil fuels rather than renewable sources.

What is renewable energy?

Energy sources are naturally renewed, they never run out and as such are a sustainable long term alternative for generating power that means we don’t have to rely on fossil fuels.

Energy comes from natural occurring sources including:

●      Solar; energy from the sunlight

●      Wind; energy from wind motion

●      Hydropower; energy from moving water

●      Geothermal; energy from underground natural heat

With all these natural resources available in abundance, why is it that most homes and businesses in Australia get their electricity from energy that comes from fossil fuels.

Benefits of solar

Clean and green
The most obvious benefit is that it comes from clean, green sources. When fossil fuels are burned to generate power, emissions such as greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide which contribute to global warming are released, damaging the environment. Almost zero greenhouse gas emissions, keeping our environment healthy.

Cost efficient
As renewable energy is basically free and able to be generated in abundance from solar panels and wind turbines; once the upfront investment of building the facility to convert solar or wind to energy has been built, the ongoing costs of generating power are extremely low. It can’t be bought and sold, therefore markets can’t fluctuate as they do with fossil fuels, which helps stabilise the cost. As well as this, the cost of solar installation will pay for itself after time, giving you another reason to make the switch!

Helps homes and businesses become energy independent
Once solar panels are installed at your home or business you are automatically one big step closer to reducing your reliance on grid electricity and the associated costs. In addition to this, any excess energy your system generates that you don’t use is sold back to the grid by way of a feed in tariff. Even better; if you have a battery installed you can use your excess solar at times when your panels aren’t generating power i.e. at night time, meaning you rarely have to use electricity from the grid, if ever!

Generates jobs
As the demand for renewable energy increases, so do the employment opportunities! From establishing infrastructure, to installing sources at homes and businesses; the more people choosing to make the switch, the more Australians become employed in the sector.

Ready to make the switch to solar?
The benefits that solar provides homes and business are obvious; clean, green, more cost efficient energy. If you’re ready to make the switch to solar for your home or business, contact us today!