Compare solar providers – not all quotes are apples for apples!

Why Choose Us?

Compare solar providers – not all quotes are apples for apples!

When making the decision to install solar at your home or business, take the time to compare solar providers to ensure you’re getting the best quality service, panels and price! After all, this investment is one that will last you for many years to come.

Solar quote considerations

Solar system size and quality

Ensure that the solar company you choose tailors your quote to your household energy requirements to ensure the solar system size you install is suitable for your energy needs. At Goodhew Solar we will carefully analyse your recent power bills to ensure we install the most suitable sized system for your household.

Using only the best quality ‘Tier 1’ solar panels that meet Australian Standards for Solar PV systems and installing the most suitable sized system for your home, our aim is to reduce your power hills and your carbon footprint.

Warranties and repairs

Solar panels and inverters come with warranty periods, which have to be activated to ensure you’re covered for any manufacturers faults. At Goodhew, we make it easy for you to ensure you’re covered for any manufacturers faults that arise and register your warranty after installation to ensure you’re covered! If any issues do occur, we have our own service department so we can get your system repaired and back up and running quickly as we always have parts on hand should any part of your system require replacing.

Service and maintenance schedules

Solar systems require ongoing maintenance for the lifetime of the system to keep them running optimally and providing you with the maximum amount of clean, green energy possible. Choose an installer who offers maintenance and aftercare (not all do!). This way you know they truly care about your investment in solar and will ensure you get the maximum output from your system for years after installation.

At Goodhew Solar we provide maintenance and aftercare for the life of your system!

Solar provider reputation

We have been installing solar systems at residential and commercial properties for over 10 years. We are not a fly by nighter company; we are one of Brisbane and the Redlands longest standing solar installers, we know our stuff and genuinely care about quality!

We attribute our success to excelling in customer service, consistently providing quality installations and only using the best materials and state of the art technology.