Benefits of installing solar for your business

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Benefits of installing solar for your business

If you’re a business looking to be environmentally conscious, cut costs and increase your bottom line – consider installing solar for your business.

With the continually increasing price of oil and concern for the environment being more prominent than ever, businesses are looking for alternative energy sources. Of the renewable energy sources, solar is the most popular sustainable choice. If you are looking at solar for your business there are numerous benefits that you can tap into.

5 reasons why you should consider solar for your business

Cost savings
The reason most businesses choose to go solar is to reduce or eliminate electricity bills. Electricity is a huge expense for businesses of all sizes so reducing this cost can significantly reduce overall operating costs and increase your bottom line.

Corporate social responsibility
Having a reputation for being green increases your businesses corporate social responsibility profile and gains a lot of respect in the community. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on fossil fuels is more important than ever for consumers; many choosing to only work with businesses who have a reputation for doing their part to go green.

Government incentives and tax benefits
Although the upfront costs can be significant, solar will continue to provide you with financial benefits once installed; both long term savings and quick paybacks by way of tax benefits and Government incentives offered by the Government for businesses to go invest in solar

Space to store energy
If your business has extra roof space then by installing additional solar panels you can harness this energy for future use, or sell this back to the grid; making your business additional money.

Improve building value
If ever you decide to relocate in the future, solar power can have big benefits if you decide to sell as the solar panels will increase the value of your commercial space.

Install solar for your business with Goodhew
The advantages of going solar begin immediately after install. Whether big or small, choosing solar for your business can have a big impact on the environment and your bottom line! If you want 2021 to be the year your business goes solar, contact us today!